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Reduce Delay and Maintenance costs by up to 50%

Extend Asset Life Severalfold

Improve Safety - Reduce

Red Zone working

SWIX is an end-to-end IIoT condition monitoring solution designed to protect your critical assets. The solution features sensor nodes placed at critical areas of the track to dynamically characterise component health and substructure condition monitoring as rolling stock passes the site. With early insight on data through advanced analytics, your Infrastructure Managers can pre-empt potential failures by planning appropriate maintenance interventions to mitigate risk and significantly reduce costs. This allows you to take action before a situation becomes hazardous. SWiX can be installed anywhere on the track to fulfil your predictive and preventative maintenance requirements.  

Smart Component Technologies

Smart Washer can be used to monitor your safety and performance critical fasteners. Easily deployable within any industry and across multiple applications, this clamp force solution has been designed to protect your critical assets and avert the risk of catastrophic failure, e.g., train derailment, bridge collapse, major pipeline leakage or petrochemical disaster. The technology represents the world’s first commercially available end-to-end IIoT embedded clamp force sensor solution with integrated data acquisition, on-board processing and wireless communications. 

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Smart Washer by Smart Component Technologies

Smart Ecosystem

Our total software solution ensures your people have the data they need to make key operational and safety decisions – 24/7, 365 days a year. Your actionable data can be viewed in the field during maintenance activities, as well as remotely in a control room environment.

Smart Component Technologies

SCT has a multidisciplinary team for in-house electronics, mechanical and software design, development and testing. This means the company can develop new products rapidly in response to changing market needs, with its R&D hub acting as an incubator for fresh ideas. SCT’s focus on predictive and preventative maintenance means there is an appetite to respond to new requirements and facilitate potential future development based on a consultative approach with customers.

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