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Specialising in Rail, Mining and Energy, we transform the safety of
Critical National Infrastructure

A modern rail network needs to combine legacy components with new infrastructure investment and technology solutions to ensure a smooth, safe and cost-effective service. Our business was born from a partnership with Network Rail to develop low-cost monitoring solutions to reduce the risk to workers on the track during maintenance and ensure maintenance needs could be predicted ahead of potential accidents. With Full Product Acceptance Certification, we are best placed to support your maintenance operations. 

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In mining, safely inspecting hazardous and hard-to-reach locations is a significant risk to workers and business operations. Using predictive maintenance, mining companies can reduce the cost of manual and intensive monitoring in favour of technology solutions that gather data to inform maintenance decisions. Early maintenance intervention will reduce costly late-stage failures and asset write-offs – ensuring your maintenance team is more effective, whilst also reducing costs. We understand the demanding environments within mining and are working to create a safer, more productive industry.

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Whether on an offshore windfarm, or long-distance pipeline, getting to your critical assets is key for preventing incidents that can cost money and risk worker safety. With IoT solutions that are hardy enough to withstand hazardous conditions, you can predict which assets need maintenance support – before a problem occurs. In a world that relies on energy infrastructure, preventing significant damage to assets and risk to life is paramount. We understand the pressures and unique characteristics of the energy sector and have created end-to-end solutions to reduce that risk and improve the performance of your maintenance teams.

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At SCT, we are constantly innovating to create solutions that are relevant for new markets. Whilst the rail, mining and energy sectors are our current focus, we also work with partners to explore new areas for our technology. 

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